Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

How Can This Help You?

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SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) Meaning?

Quite simply, SAQ training is a deep focused training method designed to enhance and improve your speed, your agility and and the quickness of your reaction time. This enables better motor abilities, better control of body movement, increased development of your neuromuscular  system and a high return on your skills within your chosen sport or field.

One of the core focus’s of the training program is to enable you to perform multi-directional movements fast and effectively.

Traditional Cardio training normally deals with exercise in a single direction and movement, such as treadmills, rowing etc, this can lead to repetitive movements, which quickly become muscle memory and actually limit your freedom of movement and ability. Our fitness professionals are experienced in creating individualized training programs that enhance your movements at varying speeds and body positions. This helps your agility and quickness.

What Are Speed, Agility & Quickness In The Sports Arena?

  1. Speed: this is how quickly your body can move in a single direction.
  2. Agility: this is how quickly you can accelerate, decelerate, stop, and change direction
  3. Quickness: Is how quickly your body can react and change position while retaining your full power and ability.

How Do I Get Started?

Before any new training program is implemented, our trained sports therapists will take you through a rigorous assessment process. Included a detailed discussion about fitness, training regime, worries, and goals. Following this, they will observe you when you are doing a standard training session to identify your weaknesses, strengths and current limitations. Once this is complete a training plan will be drawn up between you and your therapist.

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