BioMechanical Assessment

What Is it & Why is it important?

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What Is A Biomechanical Assessment?

During an assessment, a detailed and critical anaylsis is performed covering your whole body. This initially starts with a discussion with one of our trained professionals to help identify where you are finding pain, aches or limited movement. Details of medical history, medication, accidents and injuries help us get a more detailed overview of your situation and goals.

Following this, we will ask you to perform several movements and exercises from standing up, lifting your leg, turning and similar requests. This helps your therapist / coach to fully understand what body parts and tissues are moving too much, too little, what’s limited in movement and was loose, which areas are strong, which are weak and which are compensating.

We offer a top to toe assessment to ensure we cover your entire system, rather than simply focusing on waist down which is the contemporary approach.

Why Should I Have A Biomechanical Assessment?

  1. Anybody who has found that they struggle to do certain movements. Even as simple as putting on socks. But for professional sportsman its vital that any inadequacies are found and dealt with before they start having a serious affect on your abilities.
  2. Identifying an issue now is far less costly and safer than having to deal later with the repercussions of failure to address these problems. Rehabilitation is a costly, and painful experience. Dealing with them now saves you time, money and pain.


Corona Update
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